How Blockchain Employment Verification will Help Freelancers

Freelancers are now one of the largest contributors to the global resource requirements. Over 36 percent of professionals in the USA only are now working on gigs in one or the other capacity. Amid COVID-19 pandemic, work from home has become the new normal and professionals from all domains are handling multiple jobs simultaneously for all types of businesses. The exponential rise of online businesses in different sectors including healthcare, hospitality, tourism, and others is driving the growth of remote professionals at a rapid pace.

Challenges in Traditional Background Verification

When you are conducting background verification of freelancers, there are multiple challenges that you might face with the traditional background verification solution. Absence of credible data, fraud, geographical constraints, and other aspects affect the accuracy of traditional processes.

You might find the data of freelancers inaccessible which can further delay the verification process. Still, large businesses are forced to spend millions of dollars on employee background verification to meet security compliance. But, spending such big dollars is not feasible for small organizations and startups. Hence, they often cut corners and do not follow processes diligently.

How Blockchain-Enabled Employee Verification Can Help Businesses?

Businesses conduct around 2-3 employee background verifications and the entire process takes multiple weeks. Hence, it often delays the onboarding of employees, subsequently affecting the bottom line of the business..

What is blockchain employee verification?

You can leverage the blockchain-enabled platform to easily save your resume as an individual block. Once the information is saved, nobody can forge or alter it. HR recruiters can verify the data online that is already verified from the issuing authorities including universities, colleges, and previous employers among others.

Blockchain-enabled employee background verification can cut down the hassle of hiring managers and simplify the issue of resource crunch.

Simplified hiring process

Here is how it works in the real-world:

  • You don’t need third-party service providers
  • Verified and reliable data is available at a faster pace
  • Easily verify employees even if the business is no longer running
  • Ensure verification in a contact-less manner

The application of blockchain in the background verification can enable employers to easily hire deserving candidates reliably and cost-efficiently.

Benefits for freelancers

Freelancers often face the brunt of credibility crisis due to fraudulent incidents. Blockchain-enabled background verification will enable freelance professionals to save education and professional documents in a reliably and securely,

Let us check out some other benefits:

  • Easily weed out ineligible candidates to hire only deserving professionals
  • Pursue clients with a credible proof of qualification and work experience
  • Build trust and harness long-term professional relationships 
  • Create more chances of getting hired on online freelance portals through greater number of inquiries

In Summary

With organizations embracing digital transformation initiatives, remote work culture is poised to thrive more in the near future. The emerging trend of working on what you love will also attract more freelancers to work in the thriving gig economy. Leveraging blockchain-enabled employee background verification will ensure both gig economy workforce and businesses to work in a safer and more secure environment without any hassles.

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